I by no means am an expert in Rabbit snails, but thought it fun to share my observations and ideas with anyone interested.

My first introduction to Rabbit Snails occurred in 2012, with three 1/4 inch babies being presented as a bonus, along with a number of blue ramshorn snails I had acquired. I was informed that they were what was called Yellow Rabbit Snails. Whatever they were (I had never heard of them before), I continually looked at them with a magnifying glass while they cruised their tank, they were that small, and I was quickly getting hooked. In short order they replaced the ramshorns in obsession factor.

After determining that I could provide an environment that these little guys (and gals?) could grow and thrive in, I quickly acquired more of the same species, from the same seller. Now I had 13, and the additional number seemed to generate enthusiasm for my first little charges, as they all began to cruise more actively. A good thing.

For me, half the fun of a hobby, or interest, or activity, is the pursuit of knowledge regarding the subject. In this case, there really is "a lot" on the internet about these snails, but you need to dig into the overseas forums and track down all the forum posts, specialty store descriptions, and such, which is what I did. The more I dug the more I found. Near as I could determine, these snails entered the aquatic community around 2008 to 2009 here in the states, most likely around 2007 in Europe, although. The aquatic community seemed to lean on each other for information and insight, mainly through experience and guessing. And I did as much leaning and gleaning as everyone else. I also decided to document a lot of my own observations.


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RabbitSnails is on Facebook. There is also the RabbitSnails page, feel free to request joining the RabbitSnails (and their friends) Group. To buy snails, check out BAND. Even though these are closed groups, everyone may request to join, there are many active members, lots of great photographs, and if you have questions, there you will find answers. I've posted some of the wonderful photos members shared of their rabbit snails. Please check it out!

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Photo courtesy James Ong CK

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Photo courtesy James Ong CK

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